How should the performance of the connector be tested?
Release time:2023-07-04

A connector is a device that connects two active devices. In practical applications, you may have encountered connector failure or other fault problems. However, when encountering such problems, it makes us reflect on where the problem lies. This leads to the issue of connector detection. If the detection problem is done well, subsequent work can proceed smoothly, and such problems can also be greatly avoided.

With the rapid development of intelligent devices, connectors are widely used in various devices. They are components that electronic engineers and technicians often contact, and are bridges of communication in electronic circuits. Real transmission ensures the normal operation of all equipment functions. The form and structure of connectors are ever-changing, and there are various forms of connectors depending on the application object, frequency, power, application environment, etc. In order to improve its reliability, the production process of connectors will undergo inspection engineering to ensure product quality.

The connector consists of a terminal housing and a needle seat, and can generally be divided into pre assembly and post assembly inspections.

1. Pre assembly inspection: The pre assembly inspection includes: missing materials, burrs, shrinkage, deformation, color difference, dirt, blockage, indentation, uneven/deformed baffle, warped sticking points, sagging/skewing or breakage, incorrect PIN markings/no PIN markings.

2. Inspection after assembly: the inspection after assembly includes: whether there is a gap between the copper case/iron case and the plastic case, the iron case/copper case is deformed, the buckle is not pressed in place, deflected, the plastic case is crushed, and the left and right hooks are not installed in place (the exposed dimensions of the hooks at both ends are inconsistent). Press the hooks several times to confirm whether the left and right hooks are normal and elastic.

Contact pressure inspection: The reliability of a connector to a certain extent depends on the contact pressure of its contact pair. It is an important indicator that can directly affect the size of contact resistance and the wear of contact pairs. In most structures, direct measurement of contact pressure is quite difficult. Therefore, contact pressure is often indirectly measured through the separation force of a single foot. For circular pinhole contact pairs, the ability of the female contact to hold the weight is usually tested using a standard pin with a specified weight weight. Generally, the diameter of the standard pin is the lower limit of the diameter of the male contact. The total separation force is generally twice the sum of the upper line of the single leg separation force. When the total separation force exceeds 50N, manual insertion and extraction is already quite difficult. Of course, for some testing equipment or certain special requirements, zero insertion and extraction force connectors, automatic detachment connectors, and so on can be selected.

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